Putting Together Your Packing List For Your Section or Thru-Hike

Congratulations on making the decision (or at least making the decision to 'make a decision') to get out on the Appalachian Trail! I hope this post will reach those in the beginning stages of planning their first multi-day hike on the Appalachian Trail (or any similar trail). Although I am a section hiker, and a... Continue Reading →

Max Patch to Hot Springs ~ 20.6 Miles Section Hike: Hitting the wall, cursing, pushing through.

Over the Labor Day long weekend, a group of us set out to hike from Max Patch in NC to Hot Springs in 3 days.  It's just slightly over 20 miles and I don't think it is a hard section, but it would be better for the hiker to be "conditioned" before taking on these... Continue Reading →

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